Detailed V8 Engine 3D Model (3ds dxf)

3D Model od ajwheels

Small-block Chevrolet engine with internal pieces ��..lots-o-detail and many, many pieces��..not an exact reproduction, but pretty close��..internal passages in the heads are not complete, and the pushrods are short of the actual parts, but easily extended���.no piston rings, or bearing shells at the cam and crank, but space is there for them if you really want to get into it����other external pieces such as water pump, pulleys, exhaust headers and intake systems from my other Chevy engines on this site bolt right up���the sectioned illustrations are for info only, the actual model is not sectioned (though a sectioned model is available if someone has an interest), however, the block is split down the middle��.dimensionally correct within reason, but not an exact reproduction..........

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Objavljeno: veljača 13, 2011
3D izvođač: ajwheels