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Here is the legendary Ford 427 V8 engine, the famous Ford FE side-oiler performance motor. This one with the 4 Weber downdraft carburetors, expansion tank and accessories as occasionally found in the 427 S C Cobra (427 SC). Nicely detailed with many objects and most fastener heads, but no internal parts. Dimensionally correct within reason, but not an exact reproduction.

For all well-known reputable cars, the heart is a high-performance engine. The car and the engine go together like bread and butter, perfectly complementing each other. You can even say that whatever the beautiful shell, without a "convincing" power unit, it is simply doomed to failure. At the same time, on the other hand, the selection of the right engine can turn even the most ordinary-looking car into a legend.

Ford has a rich history of creating unique and high-quality V8 engines. Most of which have forced versions that have left a mark on the timeline. Or at least have proven themselves to be tuned by all sorts of enthusiasts and even branded tuning studios.

We all know the stories about the success of the 427th blocks with the average location of the camshaft in NASCAR, which in the 1960s led to Ford's instant success in protracted races.

The early 427s had an average distribution of the camshafts, and then, in 1964, experimental valve train appeared on the Thunderbolt, Fairlane and Galaxie lungs. It happened from the increased intake manifold. We burn more fuel - we get more energy. Arithmetic is simple. Plus, the increased “superstructure” above the cylinder block provided great opportunities for tuning, having almost direct access to the valves.

The model is detailed and you can find cylinder heads, oil pan etc.

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