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High resolution and very accurate Ssangyong Rodius 2010 3d model created according to real reference. Native format is Cinema 4d, the model can use Hypernurbs subdivision. Other formats are exported in one resolution. This can be further subdivided. Exported formats 3ds, max, fbx and obj are prepared well to work correctly with every standard modeling software such as Maya, Lightwave etc... Using FBX file for import is strongly recommended because it preserves basic material properties, objects hierarchy, uvw coordinates and quad geometry. 3ds format preserves basic material properties, hierarchy and uvw coordinates, but all geometry is triangular. Max format includes hierarchy, quad geometry, Turbosmooth and standard materials. OBJ format preserves only quad geometry and uvw coordinates. Each format of model (except for OBJ) has hierarchy of parents and children objects ready to animate manually or using any car animation plugin. All mesh parts separated by material are jointed under one empty (no polygons) object used as their pivot. All materials, textures and objects are sorted well to make Your own materials for special render engines.

SAMO izvorna c4d verzija ima neke posebne sljedeće značajke. Animiran je pomoću Xpressa (bez ključnih okvira), radeći glatko i sa AR ili fizičkim zamagljivanjem prikaza. Model u formatu c4d uključuje vanjsku i unutarnju rasvjetu, automatsko okretanje unatrag i kočiona svjetla.

Teksture su uključene u sve datoteke, veličina glavne teksture je 3072x3072 piksela podijeljena na ove kanale - xxx_tex.jpg (difuzna boja), xxx_bum.jpg (izbočina), xxx_spe.jpg (zrcalna boja i intenzitet), xxx_ref.jpg (intenzitet refleksije) , xxx_lum.jpg (boja osvjetljenja). C4D verzija dolazi sa standardnim i Vray materijalima. Vray motor ne podržava zamućenje pokreta osim kretanja u ključnom kadru. Pregledi su prikazani pomoću Cinema 4d 11.5 Razmjera modela je milimetarska jedinica. Scena okoline na kojoj se nalazi automobil nije uključena!
Ovaj je model stvoren, spremljen i izvežen iz Cinema 4d 11.5. Razina kompatibilnosti s drugim inačicama može biti ograničena zbog promjena u inačicama softvera, jer se neke značajke, sjene i sl. Mogu preimenovati ili ukloniti iz inačica Cinema 4D iznad 11.5.

Ssangyong Rodius 2010 3d model, in front of it resembles a pop-eyed animal that bursts its mouth, and behind it, a bookcase is created almost entirely with the help of a computer program.

In fact, the creation of French programmers and Korean designers is not at all a sample of military technology, but an ordinary minivan. In which earlier, to get to the third-row seats, it was necessary to wriggle snake. Some wise men shoved 11 chairs into the car, seven of which were suitable only for Lilliputians.

Now it is quite another thing - just a balm for my wounds. The car now has four seats, and, accordingly, the seats - the car and a small truck. Chairs of the middle row can not only move back and forth but also rotate 360 ​​degrees. And spreading back sofa, - easily go to bed.

However, from another scourge so easy you can not get rid of. “Rodius” - the car is high, but this does not mean that getting into it is easy. Because of the high floor, you climb here, like in a truck, without forgetting to bend your head. True, the inconvenience of landing more than pays off with excellent visibility - you sit on such a headwalk that the cars seem to be confused somewhere under your feet. And when they especially start to interfere, you can drive around them to the right along with the slush. Fortunately, endowed with all-wheel drive “Rodius” even on summer tires, this exercise does one or two times.

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Objavljeno: siječanj 24, 2017
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