Audi A4 2 3D Model (3ds c4d texture)

3D Model by matttrout

This is a 3D model of an Audi A4 sedan. The model is high quality and is very accurate. This model comes in Cinema 4D and 3DS formats. The model is untextured, but contains textures for the tire tread.

The Audi A4 is an excellent car. It’s a great small luxury car. The A4 features a spacious and luxurious interior fitted with materials of high quality. Its sleek infotainment system is a breeze to use, and all models come well-equipped with standard tech and safety features.

Its automobile layout consists of a front-engine design, with transaxle-type transmissions mounted at the rear of the engine. The cars are front-wheel drive or four all-wheel drive on some models. The A4 is available as a sedan and wagon for the station. The maintenance of Audi is more expensive than other cars. A4 Made from Sedan and Wagon: Germany, Ingolstadt.

Our 3d model looks like an original Audi A4 2. This is a Realistic 3d model with Texture. Real-world scale and exact proportions. This model can also be used for a variety of purposes such as drawing, animated movies, projects, educational intent, filmmaking, and much more, the model is perfect for you.

It/’s a 3d model based on a real Audi A4 2, created according to the original dimensions. This model all main parts of the model are separated objects. Therefore, you can easy change all materials. For each type, we provide several formats, most of which are accessible by default. This model geometry is mostly comprised of quads.

Download the Audi A4 2 3D model from FlatPyramid po najboljoj cijeni dostupnoj na mreži. Slobodno nas kontaktirajte u bilo koje vrijeme, u slučaju da imate bilo kakva pitanja u vezi s proizvodom.

Thank you for showing interest in buying the 3-D model of Audi A4 2.

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Oznake: a4 Audi automobil njemački tada sport
3D izvođač: matttrout