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High resolution and very accurate E24 6 series Coupe 1986 3d model created according to real reference. Native format is Cinema 4d, the model can use Hypernurbs subdivision. Other formats are exported in one resolution. This can be further subdivided. Exported formats 3ds, max, fbx, and obj are prepared well to work correctly with every standard modeling software such as Maya, Lightwave, etc... Using FBX file for import is strongly recommended because it preserves basic material properties, objects hierarchy, uvw coordinates, and quad geometry. 3ds format preserves basic material properties, hierarchy and uvw coordinates, but all geometry is triangular. Max format includes hierarchy, quad geometry, Turbosmooth, and standard materials. OBJ format preserves only quad geometry and uvw coordinates. Each format of model (except for OBJ) has a hierarchy of parents and children objects ready to animate manually or using any car animation plugin. All mesh parts separated by material are joined under one empty (no polygons) object used as their pivot. All materials, textures, and objects are sorted well to make Your own materials for special render engines.

SAMO izvorna c4d verzija ima neke posebne sljedeće značajke. Animiran je pomoću Xpressa (bez ključnih okvira), radeći glatko i sa AR ili fizičkim zamagljivanjem prikaza. Model u formatu c4d uključuje vanjsku i unutarnju rasvjetu, automatsko okretanje unatrag i kočiona svjetla.

Textures are included with all files, main texture's size is 3072x3072 pixels split onto these channels - xxx_tex.jpg (diffuse color), xxx_bum.jpg (bump), xxx_spe.jpg (specular color and intensity), xxx_ref.jpg (reflectance intensity), xxx_lum.jpg (luminance color). C4D version comes with standard and Vray materials. The vray engine doesn't support motion blur of other than keyframed motion. Previews were rendered using Cinema 4d 11.5 Model scale is unit millimeters. Environment scene where the car is placed is not included!
Ovaj je model stvoren, spremljen i izvežen iz Cinema 4d 11.5. Razina kompatibilnosti s drugim verzijama može biti ograničena zbog promjena u inačicama softvera, jer se neke značajke, sjene i slično mogu preimenovati ili ukloniti iz inačica Cinema 4D iznad 11.5.

The luxurious BMW 6 Series Coupe in the body of the E24 celebrated the official premiere in 1976 at the Geneva Motor Show, and the series arrived in the spring of that year. For 13 years of production, the car has repeatedly received various changes, and its final circulation was more than 86 thousand copies. In 1989, the coupe left the conveyor, acquiring a follower in the face of the 8-Series (E31), but the “six” of the 2nd generation in the back of the E63 was released only in 2003.
The “first” BMW 6-series was available in one body version - a two-door coupe. The dimensions of the car are impressive: the total length is 4923 mm, of which the distance between the axles is 2626 mm, the width is 1725 mm, the height is 1365 mm. The ground clearance of the Bavarian model is 140 mm. Depending on the modification, the curb weight coupe ranges from 1450 to 1619 kg. E24 6 series Coupe 1986 3D model is available on Flatpyramid.

For the original BMW 6-Series, a wide range of power units was offered, consisting exclusively of atmospheric gasoline “sixes” with in-line cylinders. With a volume of 2.8 to 3.5 liters, engines develop a power of 184 to 211 horsepower, and peak torque varies from 235 to 304 Nm. In addition, there was a productive M-version, equipped with a 286-horsepower engine, the return of which is 333 Nm of thrust. The units were assisted by a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission, which directs the potential to the rear axle.

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