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BMW 3 series 3D model

High resolution and very accurate BMW F31 3 Series Touring 2016 3d model created according to real reference. Native format is Cinema 4d, the model can use Hypernurbs subdivision. Other formats are exported in one resolution. This can be further subdivided. Exported formats 3ds, max, fbx and obj are prepared well to work correctly with every standard modeling software such as Maya, Lightwave etc... Using FBX file for import is strongly recommended because it preserves basic material properties, objects hierarchy, uvw coordinates and quad geometry. 3ds format preserves basic material properties, hierarchy and uvw coordinates, but all geometry is triangular. Max format includes hierarchy, quad geometry, Turbosmooth and standard materials. OBJ format preserves only quad geometry and uvw coordinates. Each format of model (except for OBJ) has a hierarchy of parents and children objects ready to animate manually or using any car animation plugin. All mesh parts separated by material are joined under one empty (no polygons) object used as their pivot. All materials, textures and objects are sorted well to make Your own materials for special render engines.
SAMO izvorna c4d verzija ima neke posebne sljedeće značajke. Animiran je pomoću Xpressa (bez ključnih okvira), radeći glatko i s AR ili fizičkim zamagljivanjem prikaza. Model u formatu c4d uključuje vanjsku i unutarnju rasvjetu, automatska svjetla za vožnju unatrag i kočnice.

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Textures are included with a 3d model series coupe, main texture's size is 3072x3072 pixels split onto these channels - xxx_tex.jpg (diffuse color), xxx_bum.jpg (bump), xxx_spe.jpg (specular color and intensity), xxx_ref.jpg (reflectance intensity), xxx_lum.jpg (luminance color). C4D version comes with standard and Vray materials. Vray engine doesn't support motion blur of other than keyframed motion. Previews were rendered using Cinema 4d 11.5 Model scale is unit millimeters. Environment scene where the car is placed is not included!

This BMW 3 series 3D model was created, saved and exported from Cinema 4d 11.5. Compatibility level with other versions may be restricted due to changes in versions of software, because some features, shaders, etc may be renamed or removed from Cinema 4D versions above 11.5.  

BMW has officially unveiled a wagon based on the 3-Series F30. In Europe and other markets, this modification will be offered under the name Touring (F31), and in the States, it is known as the Sports Wagon. The exterior of the BMW 3-Series wagon (F31) repeats the main features of the sedan, including the characteristic head optics combined with the grille and taillights in the style of the older model 5-series F10.

In May 2015, the Bavarians presented the updated BMW 3-series sedan and wagon of the 2016 model year, only the main part of the changes came in the engine line, while the exterior and interior design of the cars remained almost the same. Distinguishing between cars before and after restyling, if you don’t compare them in the forehead, is not so easy. Outside, the BMW 3 Touring 2016 wagon got upgraded bumpers and lighting, and the head optics are now fully diode. The cabin has modernized the climate control unit and navigation, and the number of available colors and trim materials has been expanded.

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