Respiratory System, Lungs in a Human Body 3D Model (3ds max dxf fbx c4d lwo ma mb other 3dm hrc xsi texture obj)

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High resolution, realistic, detailed, medically and anatomically accurate model of a complete respiratory system with all parts.

- Izrađeno u 3dsmax

- State of the art texturing materials

- Anatomski i medicinski ispravno

- Apliciranim modifikatorima možete lako kontrolirati glađanje mrežice svakog dijela.

- geometry divided by elements (you can easlly change colors, materials)

- All parts fully maped

- Ova scena je savršeno rješenje za vrlo visoku razlučivost: 8000x8000 piksela vrijeme prikazivanja je oko 7 min

- Savršeno rješenje za medicinsku vizualizaciju, animaciju, reklame itd. Visoke razlučivosti u rezoluciji - 1 kadar u HD vremenu prikaza iznosi oko 11 sekundi

Scene Includes ALL parts of respiratory system:

- Teeth
- Mouth
- Lungs
- Diaphragm
- Bronchi
- Trachea
- Larynx
- Epiglottis
- Vocal Cords
- Thyroid Cartilage

Ovaj model dostupan je za:

- 3ds max 2009 (Render Ready)
- Maya (textured)
- Cinema4D (tekstura)
- LightWave (tekstura)
- Softimage (tekstura)
- Right Hemisphere (textured)
- Rhinoceros
- Stereolitografija

višestruki formati datoteka za različite programe:

- 3DS (teksturirano)
- OBJ (teksturirano)
- FBX (teksturirani)

polygons: 815 579
vertices: 417 148


By using this model in your project you are sure to please your audience with a top class, accurate representation of the human respiratory system.

Također provjerite moje druge anatomske modele, samo kliknite na moje korisničko ime da biste vidjeli kompletnu galeriju.

Functions of the respiratory system.

Oxygen is in the air around us.
It can penetrate the skin, but only in small quantities, completely inadequate to sustain life. There is a legend about Italian children, who were painted with gold paint to participate in a religious procession; the story goes on to say that they all died of suffocation because "the skin could not breathe." Based on scientific evidence, death from asphyxiation is completely excluded here, since the absorption of oxygen through the skin is barely measurable, and the release of carbon dioxide is less than 1% of its release through the lungs. The intake of oxygen and the removal of carbon dioxide is provided by the respiratory system. Transportation of gases and other substances necessary for the body is carried out with the help of the circulatory system. The function of the respiratory system is only to supply the blood with enough oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from it. Chemical reduction of molecular oxygen with the formation of water is the main source of energy for mammals. Without it, life cannot last longer than a few seconds. Oxygen reduction is accompanied by the formation of CO2. Oxygen entering into CO2 does not come directly from molecular oxygen. The use of O2 and the formation of CO2 are interconnected by intermediate metabolic reactions; theoretically, each of them last some time. The exchange of O2 and CO2 between the body and the environment is called respiration. In higher animals, the breathing process is carried out through a series of sequential processes. 1. The exchange of gases between the medium and the lungs, which is usually referred to as "pulmonary ventilation." 2. Gas exchange between the alveoli of the lungs and the blood (pulmonary respiration). 3. Gas exchange between blood and tissues. Finally, gases pass inside the tissue to the places of consumption (for O2) and from places of formation (for CO2) (cellular respiration). Loss of any of these four processes leads to breathing problems and creates a risk to human life.

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Objavljeno: ožujak 12, 2013
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