0093D model restorana 3 (maks.)

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Detaljan restoranski sens stvoren s VRay i treba mu ovaj render za ispravni rad. Korišteni VRay materijali. Teksture, materijali, postavljanje svjetla i rendera, kamere uključene. Spremni za prikaz kao na prethodnim sličicama.

The restaurant represents a full-service restaurant. Which provides fine dining with a wide range of foods and drinks, as well as table service. It may also have a coffee shop attached, as well as specialized (ethnic) and fast-food restaurants.

Restaurants have fixed factors whilst others may change. Fine dining establishments, for example, are almost always formal and expensive, while fast food and casual restaurants are generally more affordable options with laid-back environments. On the other hand, it may be casual and moderately priced to have a family-style restaurant or a pop-up restaurant but you may also find one that is upscale and luxurious.

Many people believe that the same things are Hotels and Restaurant. Restaurant and Hotel definition is similar. This is not real. Hotel and restaurant are not the same places, stuff, and different meaning. The hotel has the hospitality system to spend the night with food and drink facilities but in a restaurant, you only get food and drink facilities. There’s no hospitality system and facilities for staying day or night in a restaurant.

At FlatPyramid, we have designed a 3D model of a Restaurant 0093. Our 3d model appears like a unique Restaurant model. This model is realistic. This model can also be used for a variety of applications such as drawing, animated films, ventures, instructional aim, film making, and much more, the model is best for you. Thank you for choosing my product! Please contact us directly to get preferential.

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ID modela 3D: 200175

Objavljeno: rujan 25, 2012
3D izvođač: Guam_work