Chrysler Building 3D Model (3ds max obj)

3D model tvrtke Behr_Bros.

Accurate very high definition model of the Chrysler Building. Model is textured and details like the Eagles and Flying Wing Helmets and antennas are modeled.

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Chrysler Building 3D model is a skyscraper of the Chrysler Corporation, built in 1930, one of the symbols of New York. The 320-meter-high (1046-foot) building is located in the east of Manhattan at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue. For 11 months in the years 1930-1931, the building was the highest in the world.

Izvorno je u vlasništvu Chrysler Corporation, a trenutno je u zajedničkom vlasništvu Abu Dhabi Investment Council-a (90%) i Tishman Speyer Properties (10%).

Former Senator William H. Reynolds commissioned the design of this building to architect William van Helen (Eng. William van Alen). The finished project was subsequently sold to Walter P. Chrysler under the headquarters of his company.

By this time, the building began to rise to the heavens: New York builders spurred a desire to build the tallest skyscraper in the world. It was built at a speed of four floors per week. Just before its completion, the building became equal in height to the skyscraper of architect H. Craig Severans at 40 Wall Street (English 40 Wall Street), also known as Trump Building. Previously, Severance and van Helen were partners, but their paths diverged, and they became violent enemies. Severance knew what the height of his competitor’s building should be, and therefore added two more feet to his skyscraper, thus giving him the title of the tallest building in the world.

Not wanting to be bypassed, van Helen (without advertising it) received permission from the city to crown the building with a thirty-eight-meter spire. A Nirosta stainless steel spire assembled from individual elements inside the building was installed on top of a building in November 1929, turning the Chrysler skyscraper not only into the tallest building in the world but also into the highest structure. However, this title van Helen and Chrysler enjoyed less than a year, then he moved to the Empire State Building. Van Helen's joy was poisoned by the refusal of Chrysler to pay his fee.

The Chrysler skyscraper was opened to the public on May 27, 1930. Download the Chrysler Building 3D model from Flatpyramid.

The Chrysler is the manhattans’ eight tallest building and it is tied by New York’s time’s building. The Chrysler is an art-deco type building, and it is also termed as the world’s highest building for almost 11 months, until it was surpassed by the empire state building in 1931. Moreover, it still holds the tag of world’s highest building in the category of bricks and steel combination structure. It was a project of real estate developer and former New York’s state senator William H. Reynolds.

During its opening, the Chrysler building got mixed reviews regarding its design and modernistic and iconic structure. But later on it emerged as a paragon of the Art Deco architectural style. In 2007, it was listed as the 9th on the list of America’s favorite architecture by the American Institute of Architects.

As you can see the 3D model pictures on the site, you would be able to find the tiny detailed work, which is subjected to fit in all your visual projects. We believe in accuracy and measurements so that you won’t find any disrupting element while using it for any of your designing projects.

Mi FlatPyramid have developed a striking 3-D model of Chrysler Building. It is available in different formats for commercial, non-commercial and editorial purposes. The design can be used in any project. It is one of the most detailed models of Chrysler Building that you will come across on the web. In case of any query, please feel free to contact us. We will assist you with all your concerns and questions.

Thank you for showing interest in buying the 3-D model of Chrysler Building.

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