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This is a Pueblo 3D model - a type of home. The model is good for old Indian style scenes or something with an old civilization theme. Comes complete with textures and materials. The model is available in Cinema 4D (.c4d) and 3D Studio (.3ds) formats.

A Pueblo is a widespread population of the Pueblo Indians.

For example, before the European conquest in New Mexico, there were more than 100 such today, only 19 are inhabited there.

It was used as mortar. The walls were partly plastered with light clay. There are several hundred rooms. Example: Pueblo Bonito in the Chaco Canyon with about 30 rooms and over 30 Kivas. There was a way to the outside, giving the complex a staircase-like appearance.

It can be quadrangular, D-shaped or oval. Mostly centrally located within a pueblo is an open area with a large kiva. Grouped around the kivas. But could also have separate entrances. In general, it was not possible to access door openings directly from the outside, door openings were always directed. There are still preserved today. For one thing, there were several openings, such as the Aztec Ruins National Monument, found several entrances to the outer walls. It would be a closed outer wall. The way over ladders.

Overall, the goal of the earlier Pueblos was to defend itself. It is still in the case of the old settlement.

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