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The restaurant industry is getting increasingly competitive. Teens spend the biggest chunk of their budgets on eating out. Person goes to a specific restaurant with two reasons either because the food is good or because the atmosphere is pleasant. But sometimes people go just because of their beautiful and unique interior and decoration.

Below we discuss the most common types of restaurants.

Family Style: Family style restaurant is very similar like casual dining. The only difference is the food is served in a bigger dishes on the tables. Here, customers can serve the food for themselves and pass it on to the other people at the table. Benefits of the family restaurant include a relaxed atmosphere.

Fine Dining: The majority of fine dining restaurants can be characterized by the following: Formal dress code and fine dining etiquette, High-end decor and a formal atmosphere, Staff members are generally more attentive and follow certain etiquette for taking and serving meals.

Casual Dining: The ambiance of casual dining restaurants varies greatly based on the brand and intended customer base, but most share the following qualities like moderately-priced menus, table service and unique decor.

Fast Food: You’re likely familiar with the most popular fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Below are the characteristics shared by most fast food places are focus is primarily on quick service, counter service or drive-thru.

In this model we are describing 3D model of modern restaurant interior. There are multiple file formats of this model is available as mentioned in the specification section so it can be used with any of the supporting rendering software. Thank you for choosing FlatPyramid kao prva opcija za 3D modele.

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Objavljeno: veljača 13, 2011
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