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3D model Dawoo_Works

Napravljeno s VRay-om i potreban je ispravan rad. Upotrijebljeni materijali VRay.
Teksture, materijali, podešavanje svjetla i renderera, uključene kamere.
Ready to render like on preview thumbnails

A lobby is a room in a building that is used for external entry. Often referred to as a foyer, reception area or entry hall, this is often a large room or room complex adjacent to the main hall.

It is usually very spacious, frequently consisting of several smaller areas within a larger room. Hotels should take advantage of the square footage from the lobby, supplying all guests with a convenient common area.

Our 3d model looks like the Lobby area 1482. This is a Realistic 3d model with Texture. Real-world scale and exact proportions. This model is no Photoshop or compositing used, Product is ready to render out-of-the-box. This model can also be used for a variety of purposes such as drawing, animated movies, projects, educational intent, filmmaking, and much more, the model is perfect for you.

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Thank you for choosing my product!. Please contact us directly to get preferential…

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ID modela 3D: 194157

Objavljeno na: 9, 2011
3D izvođač: Dawoo_Works