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Usually, temples were considered home to the gods or kings to whom they were dedicated. In them, the Egyptians carried out all sorts of religious rituals, made offerings to the gods, reproducing scenes from mythology during various holidays, and performed actions aimed at assigning the forces of chaos. All these rituals were considered necessary for the gods, to maintain the Maat - the divine order of the universe. Providing housing and caring for the gods were the responsibility of the pharaoh, who collected great resources for the construction and maintenance of temples. If necessary, Pharaoh transferred most of his ritual duties to the priests. Simple Egyptians could not take part in ritual ceremonies and were forbidden to enter the most sacred places of the temple. However, the temple was an important religious place for all classes of Egyptians, who came there to pray, make offerings and try to receive prophetic instructions from the god who dwelt there.

One of the most important places of the temple was the sanctuary, which usually contained religious images and statues of gods. The premises located outside the church grew over time and became more and more complicated, so the temple turned from a small sanctuary at the end of the Dynastic period to a giant temple complex in the New Kingdom (c. 1550-1070 BC). These structures are an example of the largest and most sustainable structures of ancient Egyptian architecture. Each element and detail of the temple are made in accordance with the religious symbols of the Egyptians. The design of the temple included a number of indoor halls and open areas. At the entrance were massive pylons, which were aligned along the path along which the festive processions passed. Outside the temple walls were fences and a number of additional buildings.

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