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3D Model by Bondiana

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Ancient pyramids are ancient pyramidal stone structures.

The number of objects identified as the Egyptian pyramids varies from 118 to 138. Most of the pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaohs of the Ancient and Middle kingdoms. The oldest known pyramids are in Saqqara. The most ancient is the pyramid of Djoser, built by the architect Imhotep in the period from 2667 to 2648. BC e.

The most famous pyramids are located on the outskirts of Cairo in Giza, three of which are still one of the largest structures ever built by man. The pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid in Egypt and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

During the period of the first dynasties, special “houses after life” appeared — mastabs — funerary buildings consisting of an underground burial chamber and a stone structure above the ground. The term itself already refers to Arabic time and is related to the fact that the shape of these tomb-like tombs in a trapezoidal section reminded Arabs of large benches called “mastaba”.

Mastabs built for themselves and the first pharaohs. The oldest royal mastabs, belonging to the times of the first dynasty, were constructed from adobe - unbaked clay bricks and/or river silt. They were built in Nagad (Abydos) in Upper Egypt, as well as in Saqqara, where the main necropolis of Memphis, the capital of the rulers of the first dynasties, was located. In the ground part of these buildings there were chapels and rooms with funeral equipment, and in the underground - actually the burial chambers.

Include high and very detailed textures with maps (diffuse, normal and bump map)


Memory ca 392 Kbytes
Vrhovi: 8031
Poligon: 6370
Textures: Yes

Note: Also download "Other" zip file for more textures.

The ancient pyramid 3D models could be used for different projects.

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Objavljeno na: Svibanj 18, 2012
3D izvođač: Bondiana