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Las Vegas Mandalay Bay 3D model
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Las Vegas 3D model is the largest city in the state of Nevada, in the United States. It is one of the main tourist destinations of the country thanks to its commercial and holiday areas, but above all thanks to its casinos. Because of this, it is known as «The Capital of World Entertainment», «The City of Sin » or «The Capital of Second Opportunities».

According to the 2010 census the city had a population of 583 756 inhabitants. Recent studies put the population of the metropolitan area at around 1 951 269 inhabitants. It is estimated that it is common for there to be the same number of tourists during the holiday season as there are inhabitants: either for trips of Americans who are going to spend a weekend or for world tourism. Las Vegas has been the capital of Clark County since its birth in 1909

The name Las Vegas is frequently applied to areas of Clark County that surround the city, especially residential areas located on or near the Las Vegas strip . 5 Most of the 7.25 kilometers of Las Vegas Boulevard are located outside the city limits of Las Vegas, specifically in a suburb of Clark County called Paradise .

Las Vegas is sometimes known as the City of Sin ( Sin City in English) due to the popularity of gambling and legal gambling, the availability of alcoholic beverages at any time of day (as in all of Nevada), the legality of prostitution in Neighboring counties (Nevada laws prohibit prostitution in counties with more than 400,000 inhabitants). The local government and the tourism promoters of the city use the phrase of what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas .

The glamorous image of the city has made it the scene of several films and television series, in addition to the Miss Universe 1991 , Miss Universe 1996 , Miss Universe 2010 , Miss Universe 2012 , Miss Universe 2015 and Miss Universe 2017 . She is currently governed by the independent Carolyn Goodman, who has succeeded her husband Oscar B. Goodman, who was a Democrat but exercised his position as an independent.

Download Mandalay Bay 3D model.

Mandalay Bay is a 43-story luxury resort and casino on Paradise’s Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. It is owned and operated by MGM International Resorts. It has 3,209 hotel rooms, 24 Pallet jacks and a casino 135,000 square feet (12,500 m2).

Mandalay Bay name is Probably a Pali word derivative, although the exact word of origin remains unclear. It was speculated that the root word was mandala, referring to circular plains or Mandara, a mountain from Hindu mythology.

Mandalay Bay is a unique place to sit on 120 lush acres on Las Vegas Blvd. With an 11-acre swimming pool with real sand and a wave pool. Highlights of the estate include entertainment of world-class at the 12,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center, award-winning dining by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, LIGHT Nightclub, Shark Reef Aquarium, and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center 1.7 million square feet.

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