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Terminator Robot Motocikl 3D Model u 3ds max fbx obj

Let us describe this high definition and fully textured a Terminator Robot Motorcycle 3D Model.

Moto-Terminators are automated motorcycles, constructed by Skynet. It/’s main purpose is to hunt down humans. A specialized cold weather version of the Moto-Terminator, known as the Denominator, is deployed in operation on patrol in the Alaskan Wilderness. It is the machine on two wheels that Skynet sent to hunt people on the streets of the United States in 2018. The bike has no pilot, being equipped with artificial intelligence and permanently connected with Skynet’s ‘brain’.

This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film, advertising, design visualization, etc. This model contains 200 objects collected in a group. Modeled for subdivision only quads and tris polygons. This model was created for the animation in the movies. This Interior model gives us high definition visualization of the object from all angles and a detailed overview of each space of interior as you can see its images above. It/’s a perfect model made for commercial use and designed according to the requirement. If you are in search of the same model then end your search with us. FlatPyramid is providing high detailed 3D models in various file formats that can be easily downloaded from our website.

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