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Roys Hot Rods predstavlja nešto malo drugačije. Nostalgična dostava u stilu visoke tehnologije. Ovaj mali dragulj detaljno je opisan s punim pogonom, šasijom i unutrašnjosti. To je samo cool besplatne teksture.

Hot rods are typically old, classic, or modern American cars with large engines modified for higher speed. The source of the term “hot rod” is uncertain. The common theme is that “hot” related to heating up the car, which means modifying it for greater performance. One theory is that “rod” means roadster.

The predecessors of the hotrod were the modified cars used in the prohibition era by bootleggers to evade revenue agents and other law enforcement. Hotrods appeared in late 1930s in Southern California Timing Association among other groups. It gained popularity after World War II, especially in California, because returning soldiers had gained technical training.

The first hot rods were old cars customized to reduce weight. The frequent modifications were elimination of convertible tops, hoods, bumpers, windshields and/or fenders; channeling the body and modifying the engine by tuning it or replacing it with a more dominant one. Wheels and tires were changed for improved grip and better handling.

After World War II, hotrods were allowed to race on the abandoned small military airports. Originally drag racing tracks were as long as 1 mile, and included up to four lanes racing simultaneously.

Well, hotrods are big boy’s car and they look terrific. Following the same path, FlatPyramid has developed a 3-D model of the High-Tech Hot Rod Pick-Up. This model can be used in difficult architectural visualizations, animations, movies and gaming. We hope that you like the nostalgia style pick-up van.

Thanks for showing interest in buying the 3-D model of the High-Tech Hot Rod Pick-Up.

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Objavljeno: veljača 13, 2011
3D izvođač: royshotrods