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Model 3D tvrtke Alekrazum

3D model Dječji sportski kompleks tvrtke AlekRazum.
Uključeni su: V-ray materijali, difuzna karta, karta visine.
max: V-zrake.
3ds, obj, fbx: nema materijala.

The children’s sports complex is a playing area in the park or public place for kids. The outdoor playing park is designed for the specific age of kids. The sports complex is the combination of different playing equipment such as sea saw, swings, merry go round, slides, chin-up bar, sandbox, maze, trapeze rings and much more.

Most of these sports equipment helps in developing flexibility, strength, and coordination in children. These sporting activities also help children in enjoying and developing emotional & social skills.

The equipment of Children’s sports complex is usually installed in areas where kids can easily access such as schools, public parks, institutions, resorts and other places of public access.

According to research, the children’s playground is one of the best places for kids to develop their social skills outside the home. The sports complex is usually free for the access of kids and brings engagement, challenge, and excitement for the kids. The physical activities can reduce the risks of any psychological problems and can help in avoiding weight gain.

The children sports complex 3D model comes with the multiple sports pieces of equipment for the kids such as swings, chin-up bars, ladder and net climber. The sports complex is suitable for the kids up to the age of twelve.

You can use the children sports complex 3D model in you various projects such as commercials, mockup, games, animation, artwork, movies, presentation and much more.

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  • Optimizirano-za: Low Poly
  • Animirani: lažan
  • Geometrija: mnogokutan
  • Materijali: Ne
  • Dodaci: V-Ray
  • poligoni: 22663
  • namještena: Ne
  • tekstura: Da
  • vrhovi: 24025
ID modela 3D: 263447

Objavljeno: rujan 11, 2017
Šifra: 263447


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3D izvođač: Alekrazum