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3D Model VKModela

5 Voće 5 Kolekcijska kolekcija Teksture visoke rezolucije. Smootheable.

3000 x 3000 teksture visoke rezolucije. svaki model

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- Također nisu uključeni modeli za izglađivanje.

-Model ima realnu ljestvicu.

-Model je centriran na 0,0,0.

- Svi objekti su imenovani.

- Svi materijali su nazvani.

- Nema nepotrebnih objekata.

- Model izgleda kao sličice.

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Obj, 3ds, fbx i max datoteke, komprimirane su u zip datotekama sa svim materijalima, teksturama i mapama.

Teksture visoke rezolucije boje, reflektiraju i prikazuju kartu.

Uključeni su V-ray materijali i zadani materijali za skeniranje.

Košara s voćem 01: 2.131 poligoni
Košara s voćem 02: 1.056 poligoni
Košara s voćem 03: 960 poligoni
Košara s voćem 04: 416 poligoni.
Košara s voćem 05: 4.480 poligoni.

Apple: poligoni 1.359. List jabuke
Grožđe: 7.364 poligoni.
Trešnja: poligoni 2.532.


Dovoljno detaljno za krupne planove.


A fruit bowl is a large bowl where fruits are kept and displayed. A fruit bowl is a healthy choice to keep the fruit fresh and but it is also important that the bowl itself is functional when it comes to helping keep the fruit fresh. When filling the fruit bowl, one thing we should consider that less is better as per the capacity of bowl; the more crowded the fruit, the less room there is for air to circulate around each piece, thus chances of rotting increases. Some fruit varieties decay more quickly than others and this can affect the remaining fruit in the bowl as well.

One should know that adding small items to the kitchen can bring big change in the kitchen. Modern Fruit bowl is one such thing which helps in keeping your fruit fresh and tidy and can change the way you store everyday fruits. Bowls are crafted from durable stoneware, glazed in a soft natural shade and imprinted with romantic paisley designs in delicate, distinctive relief. One more thing, if you leave fruit in the fruit bowl for more than three days, it will not be good to eat.

At FlatPyramid we have created 3D model of fruit bowl originally modeled in various file formats like 3D Studio Max file (.max) along with (.obj), (.fbx) and .(.3ds) formats all with high resolution and accurate dimensions which is maximally close to the original. We offer this model to download for commercial, non-commercial, and editorial use.

Thank you for showing interest in buying 3D model at FlatPyramid. Hope you liked our product and have found your piece here. However, if you have any queries feel free to contact us at (310) 697-3740.

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  • vrhovi: 1
  • poligoni: 1
  • Geometrija: mnogokutan
  • Animirani: Ne
  • Materijali: Da
  • namještena: Ne
  • tekstura: Da
  • Datoteka formata: 3D Studio (.3ds), datoteka 3D Studio Max (.max), datoteka Autodesk FBX (.fbx), Wavefront (.obj)
  • Dodaci: V-Ray
  • NID: 30344
ID modela 3D: 197450

Objavljeno: travanj 10, 2012
3D izvođač: VKModels