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3D Model by rose_studio

Shopping Mall building 086 3D model

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The concept of "composition", prevailing in European art, bears the imprint of those meanings that were
incorporated in the corresponding Latin definitions of ancient culture. In the treatise of Vitruvius natura (composition) -
"compliance with the laws of morality" and, therefore, "his good name." Natura - “born”, the process of continuous
changes (formation) and its results are new forms. In Plaut and Terence means - "tricks, tricks." Generally
two groups of values ​​have developed: 1) “compilation”, “combination”, “device”; 2) purposeful reconstruction of the world
- "reconciliation", "conclusion of the contract."
Vitruvius noted that the “composition” we find in the definitions of disposition, eurythmy and decor. The disposition is in second place after the ordination, the initial stage of design, which consists in installing a module, according to which, according to the laws of symmetry, the dimensions of each part of the structure, and then the entire structure as a whole, are calculated. Ordination is an abstract procedure for creating a numerical idea of ​​a structure; when it is completed, the design process begins, the creation of a specific given structure at a given place -
disposition. Disposition - the interconnection of the functions of the constituent parts of the structure, the unification of the parts into a symmetrical whole, the execution of this structure. Eurhythmy - visual amendments to the calculated proportionality laws
Vitruvius proposed three options for calculating the architectural module: 1) early, Hellenic. Initial value
to calculate the module (lower diameter of the column) was its adopted height (vertical); 2) based on the length of the portico; 3) based on the magnitude of intercolumnium (functional approach). Thus, the sequence of design transformations according to Vitruvius was directed from function to design (in the third version).

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Objavljeno: veljača 13, 2011
3D izvođač: rose_studio