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Izgradnja modela 440 3D

Visoka detaljna zgrada 3d.
Izgledi su prikazani s matricom i svjetlom.
Datoteka ima sve postavke munje i teksture; uključena je višeslojna PSD datoteka za Photoshop

Architecture is a broad subject that reflects many styles, eras, emotions, and cultures. It's part of our everyday lives no matter where we are. It surrounds us and lives in us, it is defined by the distinct buildings of towns and villages, by parks and public squares and by our urban environment or our neighborhood.
Historically, architecture has marked the ages and many countries of the world by grandiose buildings such as palaces and castles among others. These buildings are part of our heritage, our identity. That is why it is important to preserve them, to study them and especially to respect them when we want to modify them.
The integration, or addition, of a modern section to a historic building, is important as much to an urban area, a street, as its neighbors. It applies to all types of buildings of small or large sizes, whether for a home, a museum or even a skyscraper for example.
Over the years, several examples of additions have been made. Among other things, the Louvre Museum in Paris with its glass pyramid located in the center of the courtyard, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto with its highly fragmented integration or even closer to home the new Rio Tinto Planetarium Alcan by its unique shape in an Olympic and museum sector.
All these constructions stand out differently by their additions. This type of modification or novelty is often due to evolving needs, an updating, a change of vocation or a desire to reinvent itself and this is what makes a building or space renew itself.
Renowned architects are often asked for this type of project. Although these are recognized nationally or internationally, integration may or may not have been successful. You will tell me that opinion is shared, and you are right, we love or we do not like.
Our relationship with architecture, as an individual, comes from our knowledge, our experiences, our travels, our studies, our cultures; and she reads differently by the emotions she makes us live.
Hence the importance, when added to an old building, that modern architecture integrates, complements and adds value to the whole building and its region.

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  • Geometrija: mnogokutan
  • Animirani: Ne
  • Materijali: Ne
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  • Datoteka formata: Datoteka 3D Studio Max (.max), Photoshop (.psd)
  • NID: 29065
ID modela 3D: 196159

Objavljeno: ožujak 6, 2012
3D izvođač: kanhtart