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Teddybear 3D model u teksturi obj

Nizko polirani medvjedić, optimiziran za raspodjelu površina

A teddy bear is a stuffed toy in the form of a bear. A teddy bear is a child’s favorite toy, usually stuffed with soft material and covered with fur like plush. In this 3D model, it is a pink teddy bear used in various applications such as animated movies, school & college projects, education purpose, games, and many more. It/’s a perfect model made for commercial use and designed according to the requirement.

A teddy bear may often have human-like features. They are usually small and soft. Teddy Bears are found all over the world. Early 20th-century teddy bears were made from mohair, the hair of goats. Now they are usually made from synthetic fabrics. Teddy bears not only like by girls. Boys like them just as much as girls. It’s the cute, soft, comforting thing that she can hug and play with. If you look around ALL kids have a pile of stuffed animals at their disposal. Even adults commonly have them. Children love to play with teddy bear. It comes in various sizes from normal size to a large one.

If you are looking for a high definition 3D model with the detailed and fully textured interior, then your quest is completed here. At FlatPyramid, we have developed a 3D model of a teddy bear that is available in 3D Studio max file .max and available to download for commercial, non-commercial and editorial purposes. It is one of the most detailed models of any teddy bear in 3D that you will come across on the web. In case if you have any queries, please feel free to contact. Thank you for showing interest in buying a 3D model of a teddy bear at FlatPyramid

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Tehnički podaci

  • vrhovi: 1853
  • poligoni: 1770
  • Geometrija: mnogokutan
  • Animirani: Ne
  • Materijali: Da
  • namještena: Ne
  • tekstura: Da
  • Datoteka formata: Tekstura, talasna fronta (.obj)
  • Optimizirano-za: Proširena stvarnost, niski poli
  • NID: 21393
ID modela 3D: 188175

Objavljeno: veljača 13, 2011
3D izvođač: toonafish