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Model 3D tvrtke braz

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A racetrack is a facility built for racing of vehicles, atheletes. A racetrack may also feature grandstands. Racetracks are also used in the study of animal locomotion. Some motorsport tracks are called speedways. A racetrack is a permanent facility.

There are evidences of racetracks being developed in several ancient civilizations. The most developed racetracks were the Hippodromes of the Ancient Greeks and the circuses of the Roman Empire. Both of these were designed for horse and chariot racing. Racing facilities have existed during the Middle Ages. There are records of a public racecourse being opened at Newmarket, London in 1174.

With the advent of the automobiles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, racetracks were designed to suit the nature of powered machines. Racing automobiles in such facilities began in September 1896.

Motorcycle racing started on a high banked wooden racetracks called board tracks in the 1900s. During the 1920s, many of the races on the AAA Championship circuit were run on such board tracks.

Modern racetracks are designed keeping spectator safety in priority, following incidents of spectator and track marshal fatalities. These often involve run up areas, barriers and high fencing.

FlatPyramid has developed a 3-D model of a complete racetrack. The model can be used in difficult architectural visualizations, animations, movies and gaming. This model has been developed as a high definition one and the crisp detailing is clearly visible. We sincerely hope that you like the model.

Thanks for showing interest in the 3-D model of a Complete Racetrack at FlatPyramid.

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Objavljeno: veljača 15, 2011
3D izvođač: Braz